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2019-04-05 15:00Danish version

Froggaming Sleeved Cable Kits

It's time for another review. In this little review I have to look at the extension cables from Froggaming.

Froggaming logo

Froggaming is a Danish manufacturer of gaming computers. They have started to have their own products as mouse mats, which I have previously reported here on the blog.

The technical specifications.

As you can see, you get 4 cables in total in these sets. Froggaming does not tell the length, but I have measured the ATX cable to 38cm and the other cables to 30cm between the connectors. I wonder a little about the fact that the ATX connector is longer than the others, as it is typically the ATX and the EPS / CPU connector that is shortest to the cabinet edge.

24x pin motherboard with 3x fixed cable combs
8x pin CPU with 2x fixed cable combs
8x pin GPU with 5x fixed cable combs
6x pin GPU with 5x fixed cable combs


I have received 3 different sets, namely an orange, a red and a mix of Unicorn / Rainbow.

Froggaming sleeved cablekit

In fact, I think it looks pretty promising with these cable sets. The quality seems to be top notch.

Froggaming sleeved cablekit

On the cables for graphics cards there are 5 cable combs, so you keep all the cables together. It's great.

Froggaming sleeved cablekit

The sleeving is all the way in the socket. Unfortunately I do not have a extractor so I can see how the wires are terminated in the terminal. But it looks professional.

Froggaming sleeved cablekit

In the picture below you can see a so-called pin. The one shown is from a female plug. At the bottom of the pin you can see two flaps, these are bent with a tool so that they go around and hold onto the insulation, and probably also the extra sleeve on these cable sets. Therefore, you cannot see the end of the connectors. Very well made, just after the book.

Froggaming sleeved cablekit

The conclusion.

Froggaming hasn't disappointed yet. Last time I reviewed their mouse pad, which was of prime quality, and this time it is their sleeved cable set I am looking at.

The quality of these cable sets seems in top. The fabric cover is made of solid nylon, and seems incredibly durable.

There is a suitable amount of cable combs on the sets, which gives a nice overall look. There is nothing better than when things are lined right next to each other. It looks awesome.

The terminations at the connector seems to be done properly. I guess the sleeve is under the first relief flaps, for which it is intended.

The only thing I just wonder about is the cable lengths. In my head the GPU cables should be the longest. And maybe the EPS / PSU cable, which is at the opposite end of the casing. I know, however, that Froggaming has built a lot of computers, and therefore should have the complete control over which length suits most casings.

The price for such a set is DKK 299 at the time of writing. I think this is a pretty good price for 4 cables in the color you could imagine. It seems to be some great sets made in good quality.

This means that my judgment ends on a nice SØLV star. It does so because I think the length can be a problem in some setups. I'm still wondering that ATX is longer than the GPU cables. In my world, the GPU cables should be the longest.

Read more about the product here:




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