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2020-01-15 00:00Danish version

Sandberg: 3in1 USB3.0 Hub w. Bungee

Sandberg produces many things, including eSport. In this review, we have to look at a piece of accessories that for many will be absolutely indispensable. A USB hub with built-in light and Bungee for mouse cord as well as stands for your headset. A so-called 3 in 1 solution.



Let us see what is in the box.

The box is nicely printed with the product and specifications on the outside.


Sandberg USB Hub w. Bungee


In addition to the device itself, there is a user guide and a USB cable. Note the cable, which is a little special, as it has the same connector on both ends. It's not so often you see such a cable.


Sandberg USB Hub w. Bungee


The technical specifications.

This hub has everything. There is a bungee for the mouse cord, 2 USB 3.0 ports for accessories and lights in several different colours.

  • Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand
  • Interface standard: USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compliant
  • Supports SuperSpeed (5 Gbit/sec), high-speed (480 Mbit/s), full-speed (12 Mbit/s) transfer rates
  • USB 3.0 connectors: 3 USB 3.0 A-female and 1 micro female
  • 7 switchable LED colors by one touch switch
  • Pakke-Højde 30,00 cm
  • Pakke-Bredde 15,00 cm
  • Pakke-Dybde 10,00 cm
  • Pakke-Vægt 300 g


Around the product.

The stand itself is tall and slim. There is a ring of light around the bungee, which I show a little later. Let's focus on the base for now.

On the base, there is a touch button which controls the light in the stand. You can choose from 7 different colours and off.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


On each side of the base, there is a USB connector where you can connect accessories to the computer. The connector on the back of the hub is the connection to the computer. Strangely, it's the same connector as the other two. I haven't seen that before.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


The bungee itself is made of soft rubber so it can flex if the cord gets a little tight. There is a groove on top of it where you can squeeze your mouse cord down. Then the cord is held so you don't have to think about it while you play.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


The test.

The product itself is quite simple. You get a small USB hub where you can connect optional accessories to your computer, or optionally mouse and keyboard.

Then there is the bungee that must keep the cord free of all edges of the mouse pad, and prevent wear of the cord when playing many hours in a row every day. It works as it should and you can easily adjust the length of the cord between the holder and the mouse because it is just squeezed into the holder.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


The stand is also a headset stand when you do not need to use your headset. The stand has a suitable height so that the headset can easily sit on the stand even though I pull the headset out quite far. The stand is also heavy enough for me to pull off the headset without jerking the stand. However, not everyone might be able to do it, but I think my headset sits pretty firm.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


The light.

The light in the stand is quite nice, though a bit dim in looking at the strength at the top of the stand. This indicates that either the light at the bottom is lacking, or that Sandberg should have put a diode in the top as well. But it looks pretty nice anyway.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


The light at the bottom and in the base is quite clear, and I like the stripes that are down on the base itself.


Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand


What do I think of the product?

The Sandberg 3in1 USB 3.0 Hub Bungee Stand is actually a pretty good product. There are a few things that I would have liked done a little differently, but overall it is a fine product.

If you would like to use a Bungee for your mouse cord, then you might as well choose one that offers a few more options than just holding the cord.

This is possible with this product from Sandberg, as it is both a USB hub, and then it has some nice light. It is also a headset stand, so you have it all in one place, which is really smart.

Personally, I think maybe the light is dimmed a bit too much. There could well have been a bit more power on it, especially at the top of the stand.

The cable, which is 1 meter long, maybe too short, as it can't really reach the back of the computer. It only works if you have the computer on your desk, then you set the stand right next to it. There could have been a meter more, so it was more usable.

The hub itself is actually quite nice. It provides an extra plug that is always handy. Personally, I think it is too few, as I wanted both keyboard and mouse connected. Then I need one more plug for a headset or if I need to connect a USB drive or a 3rd product. But for a standard user, it is fine.


There are several different prices for this product. Sandberg has a suggested retail price of DKK 299. You can buy it in Germany for a little less, or in Denmark for a little more. So it's just about finding the right dealer. No matter what, I think the price is right.

Overall Assessment:

If you compare the product with the price and think about the advantages and disadvantages. Then I arrive at a nice SILVER star rating. It is missing something, not least a longer USB cable to connect it, to be perfectly optimal in my world.

Read more about the product here:

Silver Rating



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