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2019-05-22 15:00Danish version

Perixx Perimice-718R Ergo Mouse

Perixx wrote to me some time ago and wanted to know if I would review some of their products. Of course I never say no to that and they sent me their ergonomic mouse Perimice 718R. It is intended for the right hand, and certainly has a different design than most other mice I have reviewed.



Let us have a look at the packing.

The box is black, with nice illustrations, specifications and features printed on the outside.


Perixx Perimice 718R


The box can be opened so you can put your hand on the mouse to see if the size fits your hand. The mouse is large in size, which can be seen in the specifications.


Perixx Perimice 718R


Inside the box we find the mouse itself and a user guide.


Perixx Perimice 718R


The technical specifications.

The mouse weighs only 100 grams, is wireless and optical. It has 5 programmable buttons and 3 DPI settings. Note the mouse is made for a big hand. The sizes are indicated in the picture below.


Perixx Perimice 718R


  • Weight: 100 g
  • Product Dimensions: 1.19 x 8.7 x 6.4cm
  • keyboard connection: wireless 2.4G
  • Size: L
  • DPI: 800/1200/1600
  • Features: programmable, ergonomic
  • Sensor: Optical
  • System Requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Buttons: 6
  • Operating range: 10 meters


Perixx Perimice 718R


The concept - Ergonomic mouse.

Ergonomic mice are mostly made for office use. It is good if you use the mouse for a long time each day, while also being thoughtful about your wrists.

As you can see, you do not twist your arm in the same way as you do with a regular mouse (bottom right) You keep your wrist straight, and in the position you normally put your arm down on the table without turning the forearm and wrist.


Perixx Perimice 718R


Let's look at the mouse.

Perixx Perimice 718R is intended for the right hand. It is made for left hand also, then it is called Perimice 718, and it is also made in a wired version, then it is called Perimice 518(R).

On the front we find the buttons for the fingers, a scroll wheel and a DPI button. The DPI settings are fixed on the sensitivities specified in the specifications, namely 800/1200/1600 DPI.


Perixx Perimice 718R


On the left side of the mouse we find the buttons for the thumb. They are nicely positioned in relation to the finger, so you just have to move it up, so you can easily press both buttons.

The side is also covered with grooved rubber, so you have a good grip on the mouse.


Perixx Perimice 718R


From behind, you can sense the shape. The left side is well covered in rubber and the rest of the mouse is covered in soft touch material. There are some red details to give the mouse a modern contemporary look, which looks pretty cool. It can be difficult to get that kind of 'healthy' product to look inviting. But Perixx manages to do that quite well.


Perixx Perimice 718R


Under the mouse we find the receiver, the battery compartment and an on / off button. There are 4 small sliding pads under the mouse that make it slide smoothly on the surface.


Perixx Perimice 718R


Software - The driver.

The software Perixx has made for the mouse, is easy to use.

In 'MAIN CONTROL' you can control the functions of the buttons and some technical things. You can store multiple profiles and possibly create a button that switches between them. There are 5 buttons you can program as you cannot change the DPI button. It is fixed, and so are the settings on it.


Perixx Perimice 718R


In 'ADVANCED CONTROL' you can control several technical things. It is apparently more or less the settings you find by default in Windows, Perixx has just dragged them into the driver for convenience, which is now also very nice.


Perixx Perimice 718R


Finally, there is 'MACRO MANAGER' where you can create macro functions that you can then assign the buttons. It is super easy to record a key sequence that you can use.


Perixx Perimice 718R


The test.

I have been using the mouse for a period of time and it is very different to use than a normal mouse.

Daily use:

However, you quickly get used to such a mouse, as the hand falls naturally on the mouse when you put the arm down on the table.


I can easily see the ergonomics in such a mouse, and if you use the mouse many hours a day, I'm definitely inclined to say that it is such a mouse you should use.

However, it has some limitations on the mobility compared to what we are used to from gaming mice. You do not lift the mouse from the table easily. The right side of the mouse is simply not shaped so the little finger can squeeze the mouse well to lift it. Had there been a recess where the little finger rests, then it had been a completely different thing.

So I can't really recommend this mouse for gaming.

The quality:

If we look at the quality of the mouse, it seems quite good. The buttons click effortlessly and the scroll wheel also runs well. I feels like that there are the same switches all the way around the mouse, but I don't know which one. It could have been nice if Perixx had informed that. As if is Omron contacts, for example, we know that they can hold around 50 million clicks, which is quite a lot.


What is my assessment of the mouse then.

I have been using the mouse for a while and am actually really happy about it. Just not when it comes to gaming. Then I turn back to my FPS gaming mouse. But I have no doubt that this kind of ergonomic mouse can easily be made for gaming use.

This is the first time I have Perixx in my hand, and my first-hand impression is actually good. I think it seems like a good robust build quality, and the product itself actually looks pretty good. I have seen low cost gaming manufacturers who make far worse products and who either do not deliver software at all, or a very poorly made one. Gladly, it doesn't seem to be the case with Perixx.

The price.

Of course I have been on the net to look for the price. I found it, and it is just about 180 DKK. Perimice 518 costs the same, so you can choose freely whether you want to be with or without wire.

The assessment.

Putting it all together, both price, mouse functionality and build quality. Then I arrive at a nice SILVER star rating. Should Perixx Perimice 718 have had gold, they should have just improved it slightly on the features and made it possible to set the DPI. And then they should have made a recess so it was easy to lift the mouse from the surface. That way it would also be gaming friendly.

Read more about Perixx Perimice 718 here:

Silver Star Rating



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