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2019-03-15 15:00Danish version

Froggaming XXL Musemåtte

The Danish computer manufacturer Froggaming has asked me to look at one of their products. In this review we have to look at their mouse pad, which they make in 2 different sizes.


Froggaming logo

Froggaming is quite well-known in the Danish market as they produce quality computers according to customers' wishes.

The packing.

There is usually nothing to tell about the packing of a mouse pad, which is actually true for this one too. It is a black box with Froggaming logo on the outside. Of course it is also printed on the box what you find inside, which in this case is a 40 x 90 cm mouse pad.

The technical specifications.

Since I can't really find any specifications on the product, I'll skip on right away.

Let's look at the product.

Froggaming has really made a super nice mouse pad. It is large and soft and seems like a very good quality.


The stiching on the edge all around is made of some soft thread, so you do not scrape the skin when sitting and writing or steering the mouse for hours.



The back of the pad is structured rubber so that it is firmly attached to the surface.



The print on the mouse pad is dyed in the fabric, in a way that you cannot feel it at all in the surface. It looks great and does not interfere with mouse or anything. The surface itself is very fine woven fabric, so all mice will slide easily and effortlessly over the mouse pad.


The test.

I have used the mouse pad for some time and am really happy with it. The mouse tracks as it should on the surface, and the soft pad makes it more comfortable to use the computer for a long period of time in a row.

As you can see in the picture, there is plenty of space for a standard keyboard and a mouse. And it's looking pretty awesome.


The conclusion.

I understand if Froggaming is proud of their mouse pad. It really is a great product they have made.

I love the fine surface that is super nice to touch. The print on the mouse pad, which you do not feel at all, and then it is just generally nice. Not too flashy, yet with a cool motto and a nice logo.

The price.

You can buy the mouse pad for DKK 249 at Froggaming at the time of writing, which is a great price for such a awesome and large mouse pad. You can also buy a smaller model at 40 x 46 cm, which then costs 229 DKK. So you get a lot more for your money by buying the big one now that you are starting.

The judgement.

My rating lands on a nice GOLD star. The mouse pad is quite awesome, and it has a great price. I have reviewed cheaper mouse pads of the same size, but they have typically been slightly rougher on the surface. This one is perfect.

Read more about the mouse mat here:


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