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2019-01-13 19:00Danish version

Tweak: Razer Rejse / Kontor Kit

I made a new review for

They have asked me to look at a kit from Razer which was to be considered a travel or office kit.

The kit is build from their Razer Blackwidow Lite, which is a brand new keyboard in their Blackwidow series. It does not have numeric keypad, or RGB lighting.


razer Blackwido Lite


Razer has chosen to pair the keyboard with their Razer Atheris wireless mouse. A small mouse designed for Claw grip.


Razer Atheris


Razer paired the mouse their small Goliathus mouse pad. A small, thin and soft mouse pad that can easily be rolled up and put into the bag.


Razer Goliathus Mobile


It didn't quite go as expected, but you can read more about this in my review in the link here:


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