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2018-12-08 14:00Danish version

Paracon VIPER Gaming Mus

We are approaching the cold days and the mice begin to search inside. Therefore, in this review, we are going to look at Paracon VIPER, which is an FPS mouse with RGB light.


Paracon Logo


Paracon is a Danish brand, imported and produced by a Danish company. The goal of Paracon is to make good products at favorable prices.


Let's look at the packing and the content.

The box you receive is in the well-known Paracon black and blue colors. There are printed various specifications and features on the outside.


Paracon VIPER


You can open the front of the box so you can see the product before you buy it. That is nice.


Paracon VIPER


Let's look at the technical specifications.

As you can see, the mouse has 7 programmable buttons. It has an optical sensor that has a DPI of up to 4800 DPI. The cable is 1.8 meters and the mouse weighs only 130 grams. All in all some pretty fine specifications, if you only look at numbers. However, I need some data on which contacts and what sensor is used. So you know if there are some known products, or if it's something completely unknown.

  • Optical gaming sensor
  • DPI: 200 – 4800
  • Up to 60 IPS/20G acceleration
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • RGB Light (1 programmable zone)
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Size: 123 x 68 x 43mm
  • Weight: 130g


Enough with all the numbers. Let's see the product.

As you can see in the picture below, you receive an FPS mouse with fabric cable. It looks quite promising.


Paracon VIPER


At the top of the mouse we find a couple of buttons, which is typically used for DPI switching. In front of them there is a scroll wheel, which also has built-in button. In the front we see the two big buttons for right and left finger.


Paracon VIPER


At the back of the mouse we find a Paracon logo that can light up. The logo here is the one light zone that you can program. The rest of the light in the mouse is fixed. Note the surface on the mouse is the well-known soft touch material.


Paracon VIPER


On the left side of the mouse, we find the buttons for the thumb. The location is a little too far in front for my hand. This means that I press the back button when the finger is straight. Then I have to move my grip every time I need to press the front button. But it probably depends on how you hold the mouse.


Paracon VIPER


On the right side of the mouse we will not find any buttons. Note the white line, which was also on the left side. This line lights up in rainbow color, which runs from front to back. The light in the sides is synchronous, so if it is blue front of the left side, yes, it is also on the right side.

The surface of the sides is structured hard plastic. It's a little slippery, which makes it pretty hard to lift from the surface.


Paracon VIPER


Below the mouse we find some big good sliding pads. They make sure that the mouse slides easily and effortlessly over most surfaces. You can also see the sensor. The sensor lights up bright red when it is in use, but it is not noticeable during normal use as it is down to the surface.


Paracon VIPER


Finally, a picture of the cable. You can even notice the big gold-plated plug in the back. The gold plating provides a good hassle-free connection every time you connect the mouse to the computer.


Paracon VIPER


Is there software? Yes, there is.

Paracon has chosen to build their drivers in the well-known Paracon colors we know from the packaging. So, you know, it hangs together.

When you start the driver, you enter the 'Basic Setup' tab. Here you choose what the different buttons should do and how the DPI settings should be, which you can switch between. As you can see, DPI settings are in different colors. When you change DPI, the logo on the back of the mouse will illuminate the color of the setting you have chosen. If you have selected a light effect in the logo, the color lights up briefly, after which the light changes to the selected effect.


Paracon VIPER


In 'Advanced Setup' you can adjust the more technical settings for the mouse. You can also record macro functions, which you can assign a button to.


Paracon VIPER


If we move on to 'Led Setup' we come to the menu for the color of the logo on the mouse. There are 4 different options, namely slow, fast, static and off. Slow or fixed fades in and out between the 4 different DPI colors at different speeds. Static means that the logo is static with the color of the DPI selected, and off is self explaining. With the off option, the logo will not illuminate if you change the DPI setting. It is completely turned off.


Paracon VIPER


Should we try the mouse.

Daily Use:

Paracon VIPER is a pretty nice mouse for daily use. I've used it over days where I've surfed, written articles and played some games. It's a good allround mouse.



The mouse is actually good when talking about the size itself. If we start to look a little more in detail, the thumbs of the buttons may be too far in front, and the sides of the mouse are just too slippery.

To me the thumb buttons location means a lot, especially when I'm surfing. But certainly also when I'm playing games, because I have different functions on the buttons. That I can not reach both buttons is a little annoying. I have to stretch my finger a lot, or completely move my grip to push 'forward'. It's a problem.

Then there are the sides of the mouse which are pretty slippery. This means that you do not get a proper grip on the mouse. This, along with the right side of the mouse sloping slightly the wrong way, makes you use excessive force to lift the mouse from the surface.



I have played some games with the mouse, and after a bit of fine tuning it is actually quite good for gaming. This is true when speaking the precision. When we speak ergonomics and the problem with the slippery sides that I describe in the chapter above. Then there will be some problems. It simply requires too much when you constantly have to cramp the mouse to lift it without problems. A better grip on the mouse is needed, for it to be recommended for serious gaming.


The light:

The light in the mouse is quite nice looking. You get beautiful rainbows along the sides, and a nice logo on the back.


Paracon VIPER


The rainbows on the side are not without 'mistakes'. Or you can see the position of the LEDs through the white. I can not figure out if it is on purpose or not. It looks okay despite this punctual effect.


Paracon VIPER


The Paracon logo on the back of the mouse can illuminate in the 4 different DPI colors, or turn off completely. The strength is quite appropriate.


Paracon VIPER


What is my rating of Paracon VIPER then.

Paracon is by now a well-known name on the blog. I really like their new products, but they still have a little lack of being able to stand out among the best.

Og good things I can mention, that you get a good mouse. It has nice options for settings, and you can adjust many technical things to it by using the driver.

It looks nice, it has cool light and it actually has all the things needed to be a really good middle class gaming mouse.


Then we come to some of the important things that include comfort. The comfort means virtually everything when talking about mice for gaming. You must have a mouse that you easily and effortlessly have a good grip on. You must be able to lift it from the surface to correct the position all the time. Unfortunately, you can not use Paracon VIPER as it has slippery plastic sides at an angle that makes the mouse slide down to the ground when squeezing it with your fingers.

One less important thing, however, important is that the buttons for the thumb are too far in front. This means that you can not effortlessly use both buttons when playing. Again, it is quite important that you can easily reach all the buttons on a mouse without problems. Otherwise you may be confused in the middle of the battle, which you do not want.

If you put together all of the things I've written above and compare it with the price of 249 DKK and a gaming label. Then I land at a BRONZE star rating. I think it's vital mistakes that make gaming almost unbearable. Would you like to have a nice everyday mouse where you can take it easy and quiet. Then Paracon VIPER is a good choice. If you want a mouse for hectic gaming, it's not the mouse you're looking for. You will be more annoyed than happy.

Read more about Paracon VIPER here:

Paracon VIPER BRONZE star rating



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