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2018-12-19 15:00Danish version

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev. 2

It's time for another review. This time we will look at a new version of an already super-cool casing. Namely a be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev. 2.


be quiet! Is a German manufacturer who produces super high quality in exclusive discreet design. They are already well represented here on the blog.


Firstly a little introduction video.



A different approach.

This review will be a bit different, as I have already reviewed the first edition of this casing.

So the first thing I want to ask of you is to take a look at my previous review using the link below.

After reading this review, I will in this review give an overview of the changes in the new version of the casing.


Let us have a look at the changes from Rev. 1 to Rev 2.

Basically, the casings are the same when we talk about the outer appearance. Most changes that have been made  is made inside the casing. However, there are a few though important things changed on the outside.

The front panel has been overhauled, and USB 3.1 Type C has now been added to the front so you can connect new fast external devices. Not only that, the button for the light is also moved to the front. If it's good or bad is a personal opinion. Personally, I do not think it needs to be visible since you do not use it very much and if you control the light using the motherboard, you get unusable button in the front.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


Now that the button for the light has moved out on the front, it is missing behind the door where it was located before. However, we still have the control of the fans in this area, where you can adjust the speed steplessly. This can also be done by using PWM signal from the motherboard, so it's fine it is still stored here behind the door.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


The glass panel has also been updated with a few black edges. That's how you hide the ugly edges behind the glass. It gives a more complete look of the glass view than in the old casing.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


Looking into the casing, we can see some changes. There is a cover over the bottom where the power supply is located. So all cables can now be stored nicely away. It's pretty cool that you can now make a clean looking setup.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


The cover has of course a be quiet! logo stamped into the side. It looks nice and discreet.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


On top of the PSU cover itself, plastic covers are fitted. They provide different options for setup, and you only need to open what you use. I have on the picture below, loosened the covers. They are all as close to the center cover as they are pressed into place.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


Under the covers you have the option of installing fans and a 2.5" device in the center. On both sides, it is possible to mount the radiator all the way through the casing, and of course it is synchronous, as you can invert the casing.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


Another major change in the casing is that there are now covers over all the holes in the HDD mounting frame. It gives a nicely closed look. These covers can be separated slightly from the base plate, after which you can use the holes for cables. It may look nice depending on which motherboard you have and how the connections are on it.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


Looking at the back of the covers, you can see that you can place the covers in several steps.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


Now that you can cover all the holes, it may be limited how much HDD space you can have if you want a clean looking setup. However, it is good that the cover for the power supply allows placing a few drives hidden. The holder can be removed if you want something else here.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


One last thing I would like to highlight in this new version is the controller in the casing.

The controller is expanded to be a PWM controller only. So you can use all types of fans on the controller, and all fans can be controlled with PWM signal if they support it. The fan controller can be mounted on the motherboard and run using an output there, or you can control it with the slider in the front. There are two channels that can be controlled differently depending on whether the fans have to run in performance or silent mode. However, there is only one PWM connection to the motherboard.

The controller that had 'just' 6 different options in the light now has RGB. You can run the controller directly on the motherboard and control the light that way, or you can change the light using the button on the front. You can purchase additional LED strips to mount in the casing, or mount other RGB gear on the controller, it now supports 12V LED strips.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 R2


What is my opinion about these new changes.

be quiet! have taken an awesome product and made it even better in my opinion. Of that there is no doubt at all.

The Dark Base Pro 900 Rev. 1 is already an amazing thought out product, and its possibilities are virtually endless. There is plenty of room for either making a large file server, or a great nice custom water-cooled setup.

The new changes makes the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 casing more attractive. The possibility of RGB light and even more fans on the controller make the casing follow the wishes of today and today's need for light and fancy features.

What I love by be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2 is that it provides the possibilities, but you are never forced to use them. This makes this casing unique, so you can drive a stylishly discreet design, or fill it with fancy stuff and RGB light.

According to PriceRunner, you can acquire this awesome casing for around 1700 DKK. Some would think it's a lot of money for a casing, but you really get super quality for all the money you spend on it. The finish and quality of this casing makes it difficult to find similar from other manufacturers. Therefore, be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2 still deserves a beautifully shiny Gold star rating.

Read more about be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2.0 here:

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2


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