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2018-06-11 15:00Danish version

Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit

In my cooperation with I have been allowed to review some new fans from Enermax called T.B.RGB. It is a full fan kit with 6 fans and RGB control.


Enermax Logo


Enermax is a major manufacturer that makes many different kinds of computer accessories. Fans, coolers and casings as well as power supplies are what they are most famous for.


Let's start with a little intro video about the product.



Packing and content.

On the box is printed all specifications and it is shown in fine print what is inside the box.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fankit


When you open the box, you see 7 white boxes. One box is labeled 'Accessories' and you know it's the one you should open firstly. The other boxes must be the fans.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fankit


The accessories are very suitable, there are screws, instructions, remote control, a controller and various cables.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fankit



  • 6 x T.B.RGB Fans
  • 6 x Plastic bag with screws
  • Remote control
  • Control box
  • Cables
  • User guide


Before we look at the product, we look at the technical specifications.

The package I received is with 6 fans. There is also a package of 3 fans. As you can read, they are 120 mm fans and they run up to 1500 RPM. They have a noise level of up to 22 dBA, which is actually not very much. All in all, the specifications look nice to the casing fans.

  • Quantity 6x
  • Bearing Type Twister Bearing
  • MTBF 160,000h
  • Number of Blades 7
  • Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Fan Speed 500 – 1,500RPM
  • Fan Control Steps 150RPM
  • Color Effects
  • RGB color change, Flash, Sparkle, Beat, Vegas Mode
  • Rated Voltage 12V
  • Rated Current Fan 0.15 A
  • Rated Current LED 0.3 A
  • Fan Connector 6-pin
  • RGB Connector 4-pin (12V/G/R/B)
  • Power Connector 4-pin molex
  • Noise Level 14 – 22dB(A)
  • Air Flow 23.29 – 80,75m3/h
  • Air Flow 13.71 – 47,53CFM
  • Static Pressure 1.66mm-H2O


Let us have a look at the product.

The fans are nice looking in black design.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


There are 3 rings on the sides that light up when you turn on the FANS. It looks cool, even without lights in it.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


As you can see, there is vibration damping in the corners. So if you do not mount the fans too tight, the rubber in the corners actually takes a little of the vibrations if there is some unevenness in the wings. However, I do not often experience that it's a problem anymore.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


The connector on the fans is not standard in any way. So if the control box breaks before the fans, you're in trouble. I have searched for a fan adapter so that you could control the fan from a normal fan header, but I have not been able to find that. It's a little shame as you can not connect normal fans to the set and can not connect the fans to a normal fan header.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


This is the control box. It can connect up to 8 fans as well as LED strips. So you can also control LED strips with this controller. Not only that, you can put the remote control aside and let your motherboard control it all if you have a motherboard which is supported. (My test will be with the remote control)


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


This is how the actual connectors look at the different outputs. It's easy and straightforward.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


There are both velcro and magnets for mounting the controller. So you can choose how to fix it in the casing. The magnets fit into the recesses in the controller so that it will stick plain to the casing surface. It's pretty clever.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Power cable for the controller. There is no SATA connector, so you must have a free Molex plug on the power supply.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Synchronization cable for the motherboard if you need it.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


The kit supports connection to LED headers on motherboards, so you can control LED strips and fan color from the motherboard. The biggest manufacturers are supported, as you can see here, and if you have another manufacturer with the same connector for LED light. You can almost be guaranteed to control this set from there too. Remember, it's only the light you can control with this cable. You still need to use the remote control to control the fan speed.



The infrared receiver for the remote control. The wire is long enough to reach around most casings. If you have a window in the casing, it is not necessary to pull the sensor outside, then it can only be located inside the casing. As long as the remote control can see the receiver, it is fine.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Finally, a picture of the remote control itself. There are many buttons on it, but it is quite self explanatory. You can control both the light and the speed of the fans here. There are some solid colors, and some predefined effects you can choose from. Then you can roll it in the RGB colors and lock the color when you hit the desired color.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Let me fire up a fan and test it.

The light:

Here is a few pictures of the light in different colors and from slightly different angles. Then I will see you further down in the text.


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit


As you can see, the fans look pretty cool. If you connect multiple fans, they follow the same color, as you can not let each fan have different colors.


The noise:

These fans are incredibly quiet. Nor are they high performance fans, but anyway. I do not think you notice if you have many fans in the casing that quietly moves the air for you.



It's super easy to get started with an impressive light and fan control for your computer. It's just plug'n'play as they say, because you just have to connect it all and then turn it on. Then you can control everything on the remote control.


What is my opinion about this product.

I'm a bit torn with this product.

Enermax certainly meant it well when they made this set. However, it is in my opinion for beginners and for those who just need some colored lights in their casing.

It's super easy to get started, and you can easily change color or light effects in your casing. It is also quite smart. You can even connect the controller to your motherboard, that way controlling everything from the motherboard.

Personally, I wish much more control over that kind of thing. Either you should have the option of controlling the fans from the motherboard using a fan header cable, or the possibility of USB connection so that you can control both light and speed from a USB driver. That you can connect the light to the motherboard, but still need to use the remote control to control the speed does make sense in my mind.

But when that is said, it all depends on the price. And this set of 6 fans and controller can be bought for less than 600 DKK. It is a price of less than 100 DKK per fan. So it gives much more meaning.

If we are to compare it with one of the competitors who have done a part in this, namely NZXT with their HUE. Yes, here's the same price for a kit with 2 fans. You will receive 4 great fans in the same price. It is certainly worth considering.

I actually think that this kit from Enermax is doing well and you get a lot of value. The fans seem to be of good quality, and it's very easy to set up and get started. It gives a beautiful GOLD star rating.


This article has been created in collaboration with ...


Read more about Enermax T.B.RGB here:

Enermax T.B.RGB Fan Kit



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